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Climate clip

Directing/Production/Casting/Location: Han Van Acoleyen ǀ Script: Clara Deifel ǀ Fiction ǀ 2:30 min ǀ 2018

This is one of 11 climate short films which where created within the scope of the KLAK-Script Ideas-competition. More information on


Fictional Short Film – experimental

Script/Directing/Production/Post-Production: Han Van Acoleyen | Camera: Zara Zandieh | Acting: Juliana Levy, Han Van Acoleyen | Voices: Hannah Levin McGrath, Dana Rothschild | Music: Moldypark, Experimental Housewife | 14:50 min | 2018

Won the ‘Honorable Mention Award’ at Experimental Forum Los Angeles 2018


Inspired by the Individuation Process of Carl Gustav Jung we witness an internal event that changes Sindra’s approach to reality. Traveling to an electronic music Festival Sindra feels most stuck when her lover does not take her serious anymore. When all alone in a crowd of people, her imagination responds to the outside world as Key to her problem with connection. Encouraged by this realization she starts making electronic music herself, the music we hear throughout the film. We see her touring with her latest album through desolate, secluded areas visiting a newly friend. The title ‘Sindra’ refers to the three levels in the film: the woman called Sindra, the album she creates and the inner lump of deserted feelings she tries to integrate. Traveling through these different levels we go from 2D to 3D animation to real images, reflecting the play between what is reality, what is imaginative reality, what is memory.

Music Videos

With Ceven Knowles

With Ceven Knowles

With Ceven Knowles

With Ceven Knowles